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When Heaven Is Silent



жанры: post-hardcore, metalcore, hardcore
альбомы: Recover
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 639 просмотров
Just when I thought you had left me for dead, you show up and save me
Piecing things together like only you can do.
And when I thought I was
alone till the end, you're right there and you assure me again.
You piece
things together like only you can do.

I've waited too long to say...
I can
try to make this work. I'll try my best this time and even though you've heard
it all before, it’s not that easy.

I can see clear.
Now I realize that it’s
all in my head. I think you're gone but I'm gone instead.
Do I remember the
way that I should be?
So when I'm missing what I need the most, I'm feeling
lost and I think it shows that I don't remember the way that I should

(Can we try one more time?)
I need to feel you close to me.
something I'll always long to be.
I'm lost but something's clear to
You're as close as I will let you be.

I can't believe this is what you
have for me. I can't do this on my own.
Это интересно:Confide - группа из Лос-Анджелеса, США, основанная в августе 2004 года. Группа выпустила два мини и три полноценных альбома.Группа была образована в августе 2004 года, основателями были Аарон Ван Затфен, Джейсон Пикард и Джошуа Плэш. После чего они стали искать новых участников. Пикард дружил с Билли Праденом, в то время как Праден и Ван Затфен знали Джэффри Хэлберга. Впятером они и... продолжение
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