Last Call



жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 824 просмотра
(Hook): To them niggaz that be holding the wall, fuck y'all!
Hit the flo start shaking it off, yes y'all!
What we dranking? We dranking it all 
We gon' do it 'till we can't or we fall last call! 
To them muthafuckaz that be holding the wall, fuck y'all
Hit the flo start shaking it off, Yes y'all
What we dranking? We dranking it all
We gon' do it 'till we cant or we fall last call!

(Mello): Now look here! I'm gon' hit the club man, I'm gon' get some love
I'm the coolest nigga ain't gon' spend mo than a dub
I'll go tell them broads and they chickenhead friends!
No Ferrari, no Jag, no Bentley or no Benz! 
Might just play the wall with this mean look on my grill
Act like I'm hate of the Haitian from Hateville
I remember her, act like she don't remember me
When I was Cadillac Coupe De Villin' chickenhead drillin'!


(Big Boi): I'm gon' get that fresh fire fade and then I'm gon' get laid!
Like some finger waves on payday, my lady you won't get paid!
Making an early morning serenade for you to start your day
Or the sound of a starter pistol fired close to where you lay
Last call for alcohol make a fast call for the hay
The dirty doctor has informed me, the drought has ended today
With no delay and four piece brizzle
We on our ay for a brief stay at a sweet place with a petite face to play


(Slimm Calhoun): Them boys something wild, don't crack no smile!
Closet like the Wild Kingdom, fox, minks to crocodiles
Pop tops on what we drink, so sit back for awhile
Mater of fact, light that and I'll be right back
They want a couple more bottles
I got somthin for 'em to swallow
Anybody ever told you you look like a model?
You know the story, she bit, the hook, line, the follow
I got my hooks in the back and I'm gonna grind until tomorrow
They call me Mack Rap-A-licious
And when I bubble I blow trouble up in your ear
They call me Mack Rap-A-licious
And when I bubble it's trouble all up in your dear!


(Mello): Yes, I know what excite them hoes
Mink coats, reptilian feet, bite them hoes
Got a partner, on his mind sick!
Say he say he love this old coke strung out stripper bitch
Why he so dumb?
I'm so pimp it's ridiculous
Got tinted on my windows on my ride I'm inconspicuous
Ride with this pretty thang
She ain't yours she wish you was
We don't stop and it's so repeated and continuous
Mello Caponne, Don Huggy Bear
Pokey the fuckin' pimpolous ain't that cute but slick 'em out them drawers
I'm so infamous, dead serious!!
From the club to the Caddy to the Holiday Inn
From the dust to the dawn we gon' do it again!

Это интересно:OutKast — дуэт американских рэпперов Андре Бенжамена (под псевдонимом Dré и André 3000) и Антвана Паттона (под псевдонимом Big Boi), который представляет атлантскую школу хип-хопа, замешанную на джи-фанке и классическом южном соуле. Лауреаты пяти премий «Грэмми», Outkast развернули хип-хоп-движение южных штатов США от агрессивных гневных выкриков к мелодичным аранжировкам, тщательно продуманной лирике... продолжение
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