The Stills

жанры: indie, indie rock, canadian, alternative, rock, alternative rock
Это интересно: The Stills is a Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec, formed in 2000. The band consists of Tim Fletcher (vocals, lead and rhythm guitar), Dave Hamelin (vocals, lead and rhythm guitar), Olivier Corbeil (bass, background vocals), and Liam O'Neil (keyboards, percussion, background vocals), Julien Blais (drums).The band members have known each other since the age of twelve, are art students and have played in various bands prior to band formation. On a two-month trip to New York City, they recorded several songs with the help of a four-track recorder. According to rumour, the four-track recorder was given to them after helping a friend in Barcelona who needed drug money.After landing... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «The Stills»:

Всего 4 альбома (отображено 1 - 4)

2008 год
  1. Oceans Will Rise
Альбомы без даты
  1. Without Feathers
  2. Rememberese
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