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A Little At A Time


Thomas Anders & Modern Talking

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little at a time 
We made love grow 
We had our feelings and we let 'em show 
We never dreamed that anything 
Could go wrong, but it did 
little at a time 
And day by day 
Took love's foundations and just chipped away 
So out of touch, we were too blind to see 
How'd we let it happen 

You and i just watched a good love die 
We just stood by and let it slip away 
Now that we';ve lost the flame 
We know we're both to blame 
We're guilty of falling out of love 
little at a time 

little at a time 
Drifted apart 
Forgot those feelings that once filled our hearts 
We had it all until we threw it all away 
Now it's too late to save it
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А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "A Little At A Time" ?
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