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Till the Night we Meet Again


Chris Norman

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Till The Night We'll Meet Again 
Альбом: Some Hearts Are Diamonds (1986)  
Love hurts
From the moment that I touch you
I feel love hurts
And the feeling when I kiss you
Oh, this love hurts
And I hear your heart is beating next to my heart
Oh, my heart
Love hurts
Oh, I need you more than ever, baby, love hurts
And it can't be wrong together, oh, this love hurts
Don't let it slip away

Till the night we'll meet again
I will hold you in my heart
Take me just the way I am
We will never break apart
Till the night we'll meet again
See the heaven in your eyes
And my heart just wouldn't mend
If I lose my paradise 

Love hurts
When I'm calling out your name
I feel that love hurts
And there's no one else to blame
You know this love hurts
Every now and then
I know there's nothing better
Oh, than you babe
Love hurts
What a kind of fool I am, oh baby, love hurts
And I let you go again and so this love hurts
I'll see you in my dreams
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