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Это интересно: Let the music critics tell it they will argue that quality R&B and soul music is now a rarity. Digging deep through record collection notables like Marvin Gaye, Jodeci and Luther Vandross, it's tough to find a new artist that nestles comfortably among the greats.Cultivated in Motown, Brandon Hines and his refreshingly natural singing talent are campaigning for legendary status. His smooth, tenor vocals command the attention of the ladies and his relatable lyrics are magnetic for the gentlemen. Hines lulls his sultry love songs in a distinct, raspy tone that sets him apart from others in the current music climate. Not only does he offer a soundtrack and a sexy backdrop, but Brandon... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Mishon»:

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  1. Just A Kiss
  2. Excuse Me Mama
  3. Youngsters
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