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Это интересно: Natalie Nicole Alvarado (born September 2, 1979), better known simply as Natalie, is an American R&B singer and songwriter.After her high school years, she chose to study criminal justice. She was previously a cheerleader for the Houston Rockets NBA team and backup dancer for various R&B and rap artists from Houston, Texas. During her stint as a cheerleader, she was also working on her lyrical skills and even added rapping to her dance performances. Charles Chavez, founder of Latium Entertainment and producer of such artists as Baby Bash, Frankie J, and Chamillionaire, believed that she would have potential as a successful musical artist and introduced her to producers Happy Perez and... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Natalie»:

Всего 2 альбома (отображено 1 - 2)

2006 год
  1. Everything New
2005 год
  1. Natalie
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